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Egg Freezing at Melbourne Fertility Clinic with Dr Moses Abe

Debunking Common Myths About Egg Freezing

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Egg freezing has emerged as a revolutionary method in fertility preservation, offering women the flexibility to delay childbearing until they’re ready, whether for personal or medical reasons.

However, misconceptions about the process abound, leading to hesitation and confusion.

At the Melbourne Fertility Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing clear, accurate information to demystify egg freezing. Here, we debunk five of the most prevalent myths, ensuring you’re armed with the facts to make informed decisions about your reproductive future.

Myth 1: The Truth About Egg Freezing Costs

False. Many believe egg freezing is beyond their financial reach, yet it’s more accessible than ever. Medical egg freezing can be covered by Medicare, making it an affordable option for many. For those pursuing egg freezing for non-medical reasons, known as social egg freezing, the costs are competitive, amounting to a few thousand dollars. The Melbourne Fertility Clinic is committed to affordable fertility preservation, ensuring every woman has control over her reproductive choices.

Myth 2: Egg Freezing & Its Impact on Egg Reserve

False. A common fear is that egg freezing will exhaust one’s ovarian reserve, precipitating early menopause. This is a misconception. The egg-freezing process is designed to be safe and does not deplete your egg or ovarian reserve. It’s a proactive step towards fertility preservation, allowing you to plan your future without compromising your biological capabilities.

Myth 3: Real Egg Count Needed for Effective Freezing

False. The belief that a minimum of 20 eggs must be frozen to ensure success is outdated. The Melbourne Fertility Clinic tailors the egg-freezing process to each individual, focusing on quality rather than quantity. No number of eggs is considered too insignificant, with recommendations based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Myth 4: Egg Freezing Success Rates

False. Contrary to the notion that egg freezing is experimental, the success rates of pregnancies resulting from thawed eggs are rapidly approaching those of traditional IVF treatments for women of the same age. This advancement underscores the efficacy and reliability of egg freezing as a fertility preservation technique.

Success rates for pregnancy from Egg Freezing approaches the success of IVF treatments

Myth 5: Safety of Egg Freezing Procedures

False. Egg harvesting and freezing are often considered risky, yet the reality is far from this. The procedure is a minor day surgery with appropriate anesthesia, ensuring minimal discomfort. Patients typically resume normal activities and return to work swiftly, attesting to the procedure’s safety and convenience.

Egg freezing stands as a testament to modern medical science’s ability to offer women autonomy over their reproductive futures.

The Melbourne Fertility Clinic prides itself on being at the forefront of affordable, effective fertility preservation techniques.

Our team is here to guide you through every step of the journey, from initial consultation to the eventual decision to use your frozen eggs.

Initial consultations for egg freezing at the Melbourne Fertility Clinic are complimentary. To explore your options and learn more about how we can support your fertility preservation goals, please contact us to book an appointment with Dr Abe, who is available both face-to-face and via Telehealth.

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